Webinar: Smart, Forward-Thinking Nonprofit Budget Planning

Nonprofit budget planning is often an art and a science. Applying thoughtful, resourceful, and creative methods is critical when it comes to managing financials, accounting for unexpected changes, and getting buy-in from your board, leadership, and key stakeholders. What are the best practices for being smart and forward-thinking in nonprofit budget planning? We’ve got you covered.

For this webinar, we’ve partnered with nonprofit accounting experts to provide pro tips and strategies on:

  • Forward-facing challenges that impact budgets, capacity, cash flow and planning
  • Multi-year funding, unusual grants, and the impact on budgets
  • How to manage capital budgets alongside operating budgets
  • Budget presentation tactics for board, committees and finance leaders
  • And more!

Join us and learn proactive strategic budget tactics that will help your organization be equipped to face challenges within the current climate and for what’s ahead.


Michael Gellman, CPA, CGMA
Fiscal Strategies 4 Nonprofits (FS4N)
Sustainability Education 4 Nonprofits (SE4N)
Paul Preziotti, CPA
Johnson Lambert