Georgia Public Library Accounting Alliance

Performing Payroll, Budgets, Audits, and Recordings Beyond the Status Quo

The 40 regional members of the Georgia Public Library Accounting Alliance were ready to make a change in their fund accounting software program. This Customer Insight MIP story relates their journey from “shelving the old payroll system” to a successful implementation of MIP Fund Accounting.   

Nonprofit Fund Accounting with Georgia Public Library Accounting Alliance

Libraries aren’t known for being renegades, but for the 40 member Georgia Public Library Accounting Alliance; Coastal Plain Regional Library System: there’s no stopping progress when it comes to best meeting the needs of their communities and staff. For over a decade they relied on a previous provider for their accounting software solution. With an ongoing ecosystem of complex funding streams, they knew it was time to consider other options, and detail how they decided on MIP Fund Accounting.

Key takeaways  include: 

  • Ease of reporting for auditors/grantors 
  • Ensured accurate and timely payroll processing  
  • Module based system that would grow as the libraries grow  

And let us know how we can help you with researching or implementing a new accounting software program.   



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