MIP On-Premise Software

Install on-campus fund accounting software from MIP to make your nonprofit's operations more efficient.

Accounting software performs various bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Unlike other software engineers, we designed our solutions specifically for nonprofit entities. We understand the complexities of managing a nonprofit organization or government entity’s finances. We’ve created purpose-built software that reflects your organization’s unique financial structure. MIP’s fund accounting software allows you to create a flexible chart of accounts, giving you the freedom to record and report on all your sources of funding.

MIP on-premise accounting software provides:

Accounts payable and receivable.
Advanced security.
Bank reconciliation
Benefit enrollment.
Built-in reports.
Configurable dashboards.
Electronic requisition.
Employee web services.
Fixed assets.
Form designer.
General ledgers.
Human resource management.
Integrated payroll.
Unlimited budget forecasting.

What Is On-Premise Accounting Software?

Accounting software has two possible deployments:

  • Cloud-based fund accounting: Cloud services store your software on third-party servers instead of on your devices. This option usually entails paying a monthly subscription fee. Cloud storage also involves outsourcing some of your IT or support team’s responsibilities.
  • On-premise fund accounting: When your organization purchases in-house accounting software, you buy the program and install it on your organization’s devices. You’ll need a full IT staff to maintain an on-premise accounting system. They’ll be in charge of upgrading the software and providing support.

Both deployments have their unique advantages. Your organization’s needs can help you determine whether you’ll receive the most value from setting up your accounting system in the cloud or on-campus.

What Types of Organizations Should Use On-Premise?

If you have an in-house or contracted IT staff, on-premise accounting software may be the best choice for your organization. Nonprofit organizations that keep their accounting solutions on-site often have other shared characteristics:

  • IT policies: Your organization may have stringent IT policies. In that case, you might need to keep your software in-house to comply with those rules.
  • Co-location: As long as your IT staff is local, they can provide individualized support from within your organization.
  • Preferred payment: Monthly subscriptions are ideal for some nonprofits. If your budget is better suited for one initial payment, installing and maintaining the software on your own servers may be the best option.
  • Control: Organizations with on-premise fund accounting have more control over their software solutions. Your support staff makes necessary upgrades and performs maintenance that keeps your system up to date.
  • Customization: When you store your accounting software on your own servers, your organization can tailor its functions to your needs. MIP’s accounting solutions are scalable, so you can apply them to a range of tasks.

When you choose MIP on-premise software, you retain your own support staff and have constant support from ours. You’ll enjoy the reliability of your comprehensive, secure software.

Use this informational guide to help you decide whether you should implement MIP on-premise software or go to the cloud.

How to Get Started

Reach out to MIP about our on-campus fund accounting software. From there, we’ll provide the resources you need to make an informed decision. The primary way we do this is by arranging a personal product tour with members of your organization. We’ll come to you and perform an on-site demonstration.

Get started today by reaching out to MIP! Request a demonstration today to see what our software can do for you. You can also connect with us for more information about MIP’s on-campus fund accounting software and our other accounting solutions. Contact us online or by phone at 800-811-0961.