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You grow, and we grow with you.

The MIP solution has been growing for over 25 years. With our customers as the ultimate driver for our offerings, we have developed add-ons that grow when you’re ready to grow. Our modules provide you a powerful, seamless integration within your existing MIP software.  

Our team is here to help you ensure that your modules functionality is valuable, expedient and efficient. Each of our add-on modules have been designed by a team of solutions engineers that target your organization’s growth needs. Whether it be a need for more security to prevent fraud or a deeper reporting functionality our customers find these modules powerfully beneficial in supporting shifts in growth.  

As organizations continue to manage multiple funds, we know the need for a reliable, transparent and audit-friendly program is necessary.  

Take a look at our list of additional modules – Advanced Security, Allocations Management, DrillPoint, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Executive View, GASP Reporting, Multicurrency and Microix 

Elevate your accounting system

As organizations grow, it becomes more practical for the finance department to distribute reporting and even data entry responsibility to individual groups within their organization. And, whether it is a human services organization allowing a program manager to run his or her own budget to actual reports or a research institute treating each project as a separate unit with its own budget, data entry, and reporting responsibilities, you need a solution. Our MIP Advanced Security module will solve – it allows organizations to restrict access to data entry and reporting based on elements of the Chart of Accounts.

Another common issue MIP can help overcome is steering organizations to an easier way to manage multiple funds. Many organizations incur indirect costs or receive revenue that must be allocated across multiple accounts based on criteria not available at the time that the entry is first recorded. 

With the MIP Allocations Management modules, your organizations can automate the often painful task of allocating indirect costs (i.e., executive director salary, finance department costs,), and pooled investments (brokerage fees, investment earnings). This automation will help your nonprofit avoid substantial offline work.  

Eliminate fraud, improve audit trails, and secure your funds and assets

In the 2020 Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, the presence of anti-fraud controls was correlated with both lower fraud losses and quicker detection. And, from our own 2020 primary research, the Nonprofit Financial Health Report, we found 60% of accounting professionals at nonprofits believe their organization puts dedicated effort into preventing financial fraud.  

The right technology infrastructure can mean all the difference between an effective, efficient, expedient organization. The internal audit process is geared to provide independent assurance of compliance with your organization’s internal controls and their effectiveness in mitigating financial and operational risk.  

Savvy nonprofits understand the control environment with its checks and balances is the foundation to building long-term infrastructure. Good controls are derived from adopting required and known processes with knowledgeable staff and a framework established and delivered by organizational leadership and financial management.

With our MIP add-on modules, you can set your internal controls and automate the audit trail. With these internal controls and increased automation in the audit trail you can ensure a higher protection level against fraud within your organization or externally. Our MIP modules help you provide the highest level of reporting to stakeholders and donors with less worry over mistakes.  

MIP’s add-on modules include: 

Advanced Security

Our advance security module enables you to extend access to the MIP system to users outside of the finance department, while also restricting their access to specific data. Being able to pro-actively controls who accesses data and who is able to change data is a key component of fraud protection.  

Allocations Management  

Allocate indirect costs or pooled investment revenue between funding sources, departments and programs quickly and easily without complex external spreadsheets. If you’re managing multiple spreadsheets this module will help reduce your time and improve your workload and workflow.  


Accounts Receivable Reporting with Billing  

Create invoices as often as needed, plus request payments, manage prepayments and create customer statements with flexibility for custom billing cycles.  This module also helps users identify and reduce errors on invoices and billing as well as clerical errors or duplications.


Streamline daily tasks using automated workflows for timesheets and inventory within MIP Fund Accounting. 

Electronic Funds Transfer  

Easily designate vendors as either check or EFT vendors and reduce or eliminate inefficiencies. 

Executive View Licence  

Collaborate in the budget preparation process and free your accounting staff from running and distributing reports – all without the cost of purchasing full software seats.  


GASB Reporting  

Specifically designed for government organizations, the GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) Reporting module allows users to easily create GASB-compliant reports. By using this reporting, you can ensure to meet the GASB’s goal for ensuring accounting standards that yield information that users need to assist them in making decisions about a government and to assist them in assessing whether it has been accountable for the resources that have been entrusted to it. 


Access your financial data within Microsoft Excel®, and create presentation-quality financial statements for your board, management, and other key stakeholders. Being able to easily produce clear and financial statements mitigates uncertainty with your stakeholders, audits and donors.


Maintain and report on an unlimited number of active currencies, rates and rate types to create and process transactions. As donors and funders donate from all sources, you’ll find this module particularly helpful in reducing manual calculating of rates and currencies.  

MIP’s add-on modules were designed to help drive your mission.

Our modules make a difference every day in the organizations we serve. Let us show you how they can make a difference in your organization as well.

"We have experienced support in implementing various MIP modules that makes our work more efficient and us more effective."

Art RuizController Gardner Family Health Network

Additional functionality to drive your mission 

Allocations with Ease

Allocate based on budget or actuals; allocate across funds automatically; and/or sequentially. 

Reduce Fraud Risk

Promote accountability by combining Advanced Security with Executive View license to provide access based on individual users or groups and roles. This enables you to have an additional layer of checks and balances in preventing fraud within your organization.   


E-transfer Funds Seamlessly 

Automatically generate an email notification to a specified vendor contact that includes remittance advice when electronic payments are transmitted. 


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