Ways to Optimize the Technology Your Organization Already Has

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Any organization that utilizes technology should evaluate its systems periodically. Optimizing your existing tech can help your mission save money and get more out of your investments. 

From getting your team involved in ongoing training to reaching out to customer services, there are a few different ways you can get more out of the systems your staff is already using. 

Learn more ways to optimize your organization’s current technology and ultimately enhance your mission.

Train Employees

Technology training for employees is the most important way to optimize your tech. People need time to get used to working with different interfaces and systems. Here are some tips to ensure your training is beneficial and effective:

  • Accommodate different learning styles: Every team member has unique strengths and weaknesses, so they will not all share the same learning style. Allow your staff to grasp new skills in a way that accommodates how they learn the best. Offer training in different formats such as online or in-person so they can find the most suitable method for them. 
  • Encourage ongoing communication: After the initial training, keep lines of communication open. Ensure each person feels comfortable enough to ask questions as they familiarize themselves with the systems. To reinforce their learning, consider having regular refresher training sessions. Ongoing efforts to help everyone feel as comfortable as possible can also keep your crew up-to-date and on the same page, even if they learned how to work with the tools separately. 
  • Articulate its purpose: When asking your staff to complete training, explain why the tools they’re learning about are important and the purpose of implementing them into their work. Help them understand how the tech uplifts your processes and benefits their workflows. 
  • Identify and assist with any pain points: To maximize the benefits of the technology your staff is using, identify and minimize any areas where there might be user friction. Acknowledging your staff’s challenges will show them you value their hard work and are sensitive to their pain points, which will make them more willing to engage in learning.
  • Add the right amount of pressure: Give everyone on your squad adequate time to work with the systems and get accustomed to using them, but create clear goals about what tools and systems they should understand and by when. This timeline will encourage them to be proactive about their learning without feeling like they have to rush to understand.

Learn and Master Your Current Technology

To optimize the systems your organization already has, master how to use them. Consider the following ways to make the most of your current tech:

Identify a Technology Leader

Your entire team can benefit from having a specific person or a small group of people who are the dedicated experts on your organization’s tools. 

These tech leaders can search for solutions as problems arise and assist other members with questions. Even if your organization is not big enough to have an IT team, having a go-to person who is familiar with how your tech systems work can be very useful.

Utilize Customer Support

If your organization has questions or concerns with your current technology, turn to the brand’s support team. Customer services or resources can help you understand the systems you have, and they can offer valuable insights on how to optimize technologies. 

Getting technical assistance from the brand can help your team better understand the system’s best practices and features. 

intervals over time

Learn Over Time 

Repetition over time is the most effective way to learn. Instead of hosting a comprehensive training session on your current tech, encourage your team to practice working with it regularly. Research shows that people remember nearly 80% more information if they learn in intervals over time rather than all at once.

By encouraging your team to learn more about and practice working with the systems weekly, they will be more likely to solidify their understanding and remember how to use it. 

Best Practices With Technology in Your Organization

The following are some tech best practices for optimizing your systems and uplifting your organization or nonprofit:

Set Clear Rules and Expectations

No matter what type of technology your organization has, it is important to be clear about the rules for how to work with it. You can get more out of your systems when your team follows the set protocols and works with them properly. Ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities and your expectations for them. 

Support Ongoing Learning 

Promote ongoing learning efforts to make the most out of your technology. Give your staff time to familiarize themselves and get a refresher on your systems. Your organization’s culture can benefit from creating a collaborative environment where your team feels comfortable asking questions. 

Always Lead by Example

Your managers and leaders should lead by example and model the right way to work with your organization’s technology. Along with establishing clear expectations, your leaders should demonstrate the best practices and show other staff members how to use the tech to their advantage. 

Implement Backups for Critical Systems

Your technology likely contains important information about your staff and processes. Ensure you back up any critical system you are working with that would lead to downtime if it were to stop operating. This can save your organization a lot of headaches and money. 

Perform Regular Maintenance

Another way to keep your organization’s current technology performing at its best is by taking steps to maintain it regularly. For example, you might want to clean devices daily or clear old and irrelevant data from your cloud storage. Even small steps to maintain your systems can be highly beneficial to their life span and functionality. 

Evaluate Your Needs 

Ensure your technology is benefiting your organization and uplifting your team. Evaluate what systems could use an upgrade and consider your organization’s changing needs. 

If a certain system isn’t working for your staff, assess how you can change or replace it to better suit your mission and help your organization meet its goals.

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