Common Hospital Payroll Errors and How to Avoid Them

Being responsible for the delegation and organization of payroll in a busy hospital setting can be a challenge. It may be easy for you to get distracted with other priority tasks like filling out paperwork or answering phones. However, it can lead to errors that may cause financial problems if a fool-proof system cannot consistently regulate…

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How to Streamline Food Bank Payroll Processes

Managing a food bank involves hard work, selflessness, and dedication. However, fighting hunger and working to help your community brings unique challenges. Nonprofits must abide by specific procedures, regulations, and bylaws to succeed and keep employees happy. An efficient accounting and payroll system is one of the most critical aspects of any thriving organization. Disorganized, poorly…

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Virtual Collaboration in the Cloud Saves Time


Businesses are trending toward using the cloud to better facilitate the way they work. Cloud usage will continue to grow as more organizations and nonprofits transition to remote and hybrid work. Find out the key questions to ask if you’re considering a cloud-based fund accounting software.

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Community Brands Acquires ProSoft Solutions

community brands and prosoft solutions

Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software and payment solutions for associations, nonprofits, and schools, today announced its acquisition of ProSoft Solutions, a leading software and service provider exclusively for nonprofit and government entities across North America.

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3 Keys to Managing Fixed Assets Securely and Efficiently

MIP-Fixed Assets

Being able to report fixed assets effectively to grantors, as well as for yearly audits, are two benefits of managing fixed assets closely. With the right fund accounting solution, nonprofits can track fixed assets year after year and the associated depreciation of those assets.  

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