Meet MIP People and Streamline Your HR and Payroll Needs 

Have you considered using an accounting solution with integrated HR and Payroll capabilities, so your organization can benefit from increased efficiency and staff satisfaction?    Research from the American Payroll Association estimates that companies who have automated their payroll processes have reduced payroll costs by as much as 80%. A significant portion of the reduced costs results…

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MIP Fund Accounting Wins TrustRadius Award  

Solution named Summer’s Best for Feature Set and Relationship    MIP Fund Accounting®, part of Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software and payment solutions for associations, nonprofits, and K-12 schools, recently added another TrustRadius award to its trophy case. Bestowed with a “Best of Summer” Award for Value, Feature Set, and Relationship in…

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How To Do Bookkeeping For Nonprofits: Keep Your Organization On Track

Table of Contents Important Nonprofit Bookkeeping Vocabulary Statements and Forms Important for Bookkeeping Nonprofit Bookkeeping Best Practices While there are some nonprofit professionals who migrate to this world of charity from a for-profit organization, they are often faced with some major differences between the two industries right off the bat. For instance, no one owns…

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Report a Statement of Activities

MIP Nonprofit Statement of Activities Blog

Your nonprofit works to accomplish its mission, and when it comes to communicating that to donors and external stakeholders, no document is as helpful as a statement of activities.   A statement of activities shows your organization’s revenue and expenses over a reporting period and relays that your organization is a good steward of donations and…

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How to Simplify Urgent Care Centers HR Systems

How to simplify urgent care centers HR systems

Every industry relies on its human resources department to implement seamless workflows to help strengthen and support its workforce. In the healthcare industry, the role of HR is even more crucial as it coordinates and manages valuable employees, implements policies, ensures compliance and even handles matters pertaining to patient welfare and satisfaction. The complexities of…

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Top Digital Transformation Trends in Private Schools

digital transformation trends in private schools

In recent years, we’ve seen major digital transformations across almost every industry. In the education industry, technological advancement has changed the way students interact with peers and teachers. As more schoolwork transitions to web-based platforms, the education industry is becoming increasingly dependent on online learning, making digital transformation even more prevalent. Continue reading to see…

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Ready to Auld Lang Syne Your 2021 Finances? 5 Must-Have Elements for EOY Reports

Closing the Books on 2021

Should auld financial figures be forgotten, and never brought to mind? Should auld financial figures be forgotten, and Auld Lang Syne? No! Financial reporting is not ‘times long past’ – your organization should always leverage and gather insight from each year’s financial statistics. When it comes time to create your end-of-year (EOY) reports, remember, these figures will serve as a roadmap to growth, funding, and mission delivery in the upcoming year.   Effectively…

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4 Ways to Detect and Prevent Fraud in Charities

fraud graphic

Charities and nonprofit organizations are beneficial to society in many ways. Promoting generosity and inspiring people to volunteer their time to help worthy causes are just some of the elements that can bring a community together. However, it’s essential to be proactive about detecting and preventing fraud in nonprofit organizations. Many people don’t think of charities…

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What to Look for in a University HR Software

A human resources information system is an electronic database that tracks employee data, pay rates, job descriptions, benefits packages and other information. This tool is crucial for processing large amounts of data with high accuracy, reducing costs, improving reporting quality and promoting efficient decision-making. Having this kind of technology available can create more free time for…

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